Technical Support

Straights Technical support


  • Up to date market information on the website for straights and other inputs 
  • Regular focus points produced on relevant topics such as the following:
    Wholecrop 2007
    Environmental Mastitis Control
    For a full list of the focus points available click here to view.
  • Interactive management tools to allow better target setting and more informed decision making such as the SFG Relative Feed Value Calculator
  • Benchmarking - detailed costs to allow you to compare your own business performance with others for example Vet Drug Survey
  • Forage information such as weekly grass growth rates, NIAB maize lists and a range of analytical packages from £8.50/sample
  • Protocols for consistent efficient production systems such a h/d treatment of clinical mastitis
  • Range of standard recording sheets to ensure information is correctly recorded on farm - click here for the full list available


Contact us for more information and likely costs.

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Technical Support

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