A History of Straights Feeders Group

The Straights Feeders Group was founded by Gordon Newman and Ivor Bending, both independent consultants specialising in dairy cow nutrition, in 1984 and was then called the Complete Diet Feeders Group.

It was set up at the request of a leading Somerset dairy farmer, John Middleton, who found himself very isolated as a minority complete diet feeder. The only other group of this kind was in the West Midlands.

In 1986 the group changed its name to the Straights Feeders to encompass farmers without mixer wagons and to cover the whole U.K.

In 1987 the first technical note was published on Caustic Treated Wheat. Since then the Group has also pioneered a number of applications for the dairy farmer including Urea Treated Wholecrop, Whole cottonseed and Cow Mattresses.

Both Gordon and Ivor had many years experience of maize growing and feeding on a very large scale and were determined to bring the benefits to others; so in 1988 the S.F.G. held the opening meeting to found the Maize Growers Association with the help of Mole Valley Farmers, at Taunton.

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