Straights Feeders Group - Purposes, Aims and Activities  

  • To assist members with the provision of agricultural information  
  • To source the latest nutritional and farming production science worldwide
  • To identify and source the best products at the best price
  • To retain Straights Feeders Group members independence and freedom from commercial pressure
  • To encourage informal contact between members who feed straights
  • Weekly information on current and forward buying of straights including organic feeds and other inputs
  • Technical Notes and Focus Points on all aspects of dairy and livestock farming
  • Forages and analytical packages including silage and grazing qualities
  • One to two meetings every year with a focus on a specific subject
  • Foreign study visits
  • Telephone and email contact between Straights Feeders Group members

Most information is now sent by email and is also available on the website

Straights Feeders Group Activities - Farm Visit

Purpose and aims
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