Conservation and Environmental Stewardship

We have always had a strong involvement with conservation and Environmental Stewardship.  It is now more than ever an integral part of Farm and Estate Management often offering a profitable alternative to conventional farming practice especially on marginal land.

We have a 100% success rate with our applications made under the old stewardship and new Higher Level Schemes.  We work closely with the staff of Natural England and specialist sub-contractors in the production of applications and supporting information.

The majority of these plans are integrated with the other farming, forestry and sporting activities on the farms and estates to give synergetic benefit to all areas.

  • Entry Level Stewardship applications.
  • Higher Level Stewardship applications and on-going project management.
  • Conservation and environmental surveys.
  • Soil, manure, nutrient and Crop Protection Management Plans.

Contact us for more information and likely costs. 

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